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I'm an artist by trade, and a geek by design. I've been reading comics and watching sci-fi/fantasy/anime since I can remember. Some of my first memories are of my mom reading The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings to me as a child and her hand-making all of my Halloween costumes, so I guess you can say it's in my blood. I'm training as a scenic painter and thus will be posting some props I've painted.

I'm extroverted, passionate, and sarcastic. Expect mostly costuming and tangents from my corner of the web.


Momocon 2016
It seems I've fallen back into anime hell.  And I've decided to more readily embrace my androgyny and get back to cosplaying men more regularly.  I think I finally truly stopped caring what people think of my interests and stopped letting jerks decide what I feel comfortable cosplaying.  If I wanna be an anime character, I'm gonna damn well do it.  It's all freaking fantasy and fun anyway.

Scorpio Milo (Saint Seiya) -
I've been trying for years to get a Saint Seiya group going but time, interest, and money.  I think I've got a good idea of how to do it that's not going to be as cumbersome as a full worbla outfit.  And less expensive.  :D

Reno (Final Fantasy VII) -
Okay so I wore this on a whim last year after I found my wig but hell I love this bastard.  He's such my character archetype (as seen by my other choices) but also FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE OH MY GOD.  Also his 3D model so favors my features and it makes me happy.  I think so anyway.

Sailor Uranus (Sailor Moon) - Another costume I've been working on for seemingly forever.  It's almost completed but I got stuck on the hip rolls and moved so many times I don't know if I have all the pieces anymore.  But really, it needs to be done.

Sanji (One Piece) -
I've been dying to cosplay this little shit forever but Jubes was never really that into it even though she agreed to be Nami for me one day.  I finally, FINALLY got her into One Piece and she's way more eager to do it now.  I specifically used a picture from Pirate Warriors because I freaking love his shoe designs in the games.  Love them.

Worrick Arcangelo (GANGSTA.) -  This series is so criminally underrated and I don't even care if I don't have anyone to be my Nic, I will be Worrick.  Jubes may be Loretta which would be awesome.

Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece) - I have been so thirsty to cosplay One Piece I even agreed to be Luffy.  Not that I don't love the hell out of Luffy but man, I dunno if I'm energetic enough for this dick.

These are subject to change on my whims but for now this is it.
Welp, time for my once a year journal entry apparently.  My bad.

And at some point while I was gone I broke 10,000 views, how strange.  Been incredibly busy and stressed most of last year so it's no wonder I didn't have time to update anything. XD I'm so terrible at this type of thing.  I'm way more active on my tumblr and facebook these days (trying twitter but I just talk too much for 160 characters.)

Anyway, got some new pictures I'm going to be uploading soon, so I'm very excited about that.  Other than that, just settling my costuming list for the year and being excited.  Also, moving out of my apartment.  Because this place is gross.
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I cannot remember if I ever gave you a link to a couple photos I took of you at Momocon 2014…
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You didn't but OMG these are great!  <3
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